Sponsoring Body

First Assembly of God Church


To provide quality Christian holistic education, nurturing the complete balanced development of spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic domains of young children as the quality foundation of basic education.


To enhance the whole person development of the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic realms of pre-school children, cultivate their positive character, foster self-care ability and self-learning initiative so that pupils can “Learn in the Lord and Grow in Love”.


  • To provide positive environment of love and acceptance, so that young children learn joyfully.
  • To arrange total education care service, so that young children grow healthily.
  • To create inspiring learning environment, build up the spirit of exploration and self-learning.

School Motto

Trust Christ Love God and love men
Sincere with upright heart Learn diligently the Truth

Target of Service

Pre-school children from the age of 2 to 6

Curriculum Design

All curriculum is designed according to the “Guideline of Pre-School Education”, basing on the ability of young children, their interest and living experience, and corresponding to their learning need. Through daily living examples integrating with school-based comprehensive learning activities covering the six different learning realms, young children are enhanced in learning and assisted to reach balanced development of knowledge, skill and attitude which consolidate the basis for life-long learning.