Support To New Pupils

As preparation for formal schooling, parents and young children are guided to understand the life in the nursery before school day commences. During adaptation period, young children have gradual school hour attendance, parents are invited to accompany their children to join parent-child activities in class so that the sense of security is fostered, consequently enabling them to start and enjoy school life.

Support To P.1 Life

Activities to visit friendly primary schools are arranged, model activities of P.1 class are organized. The social worker of the nursery arranges “Lesson for Problem-solving and Stress Resistance” and “Lesson for Emotion Management” for pupils so that they can adapt to their primary school life readily. The nursery particularly connects primary schools in the district and professional communication is shared on pupils’ adaptation and learning, review their difficulties in coping with the P.1 environment and render appropriate support subsequently.

Support To Individual Pupil

The nursery offers “On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services”, a professional team made up with educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and special education tutors. School-based training is provided for children with special learning needs every week. The school social-worker offers emotion counseling or game therapy to young children in need. The class teacher tailors individual teaching programme for pupils with special learning needs or referral service.

Support To Non-Chinese Speaking Pupils

The nursery respects multi-cultural races and provides the following support measures to guide pupils integrating into joyful campus life.

  • Accept parents and pupils attending interview accompanied by Chinese-speaking relatives to help communication, or arrange translator or translation service according to the need of parents.
  • Syllabus for Chinese study is designed for individual pupils, edited and recorded with Talking Pen as learning resource to consolidate their learning.
  • English service is provided for school application procedure, circulars, pupil learning programme, pupil’s growing reports and in parent meetings.
  • The teacher responsible for the pupil has daily regular meeting with parents.