Religious Education

We believe that man was created in the image of God. Every person is unique, prestigious and precious, regardless of race, color or difference in living habits from each other. Young children can receive, respect and appreciate everyone around them with love, know how to value and admire life and accept cultural differences. God created the world to let people to rule over the earth properly. Therefore, we teach children to fulfil their civic responsibility, loving the earth from the perspective of ecology in their daily living.

Character and National Education

Through “BBHK-Anchor Lambs” and Flag-raising Team, young children are trained to embrace characters such as honoring their parents, humble and polite, caring for other people, mutual trust, obeying instructions, respecting rules, discerning right from wrong, courageous to assert responsibility, grateful always, treasuring food, loving animals and nature, and grow up as good citizens. Through activities such as flag-raising ceremony, celebration of festivals, art and music, stories, visits and the China Week, young children learn to know the quality culture of the Chinese tradition and establish their sense of national identity.

Positive Orff Music Activity

Through picture books, young children are enlightened into the scene of musical dramas. They are boosted in their musical ability and sensibility through musical rhythm, beat, musical instrument percussion etc. Positive character is inculcated in the light of self-discipline, caring, sincerity, curiosity, ecology and team-spirit.


Games bring joy, fun and the sense of success and experience to young children, develop eye-hand coordination, creativity, problem-solving and adaptation ability. Games can also help them to express their emotions, build up self-confidence and promote social development. To cater for the characteristic of young children’s natural playfulness, daily free-play chance is provided. The nursery has been in the “Seed School Training Program (SSTP) - Playright Children’s Play Association” since 2019-20, committing to launch free-play programme for pupils.

Activity Corner

Activity corners designed in reference to “Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale”, enriched with various learning environments, enable young children to learn through manipulation and exploration. Children acquire knowledge, skill and attitude through learning process, under quality education environment assessed in international standard.

Outdoor Learning Activities

According to the interest and growing needs of young children, the nursery makes good use of learning venues in the community, nearby primary schools and various institutes to enrich the learning contents and devices miscellaneous suitable education activities to help them to acquire knowledge from different angles.

English And Putonghua Curricula

Corresponding to each learning unit, the nursery plans exciting themes for English and Putonghua learning activities. Well-experienced foreign English teacher and Putonghua teacher conduct subject-based teaching. Through games, nursery rhymes, snack-making, dramas, story-telling or recital, young children’s interest, ability and confidence of hearing and speaking English and Putonghua are greatly increased. The nursery designs school-based English and Putonghua textbooks with interesting Talking Pen to support pupil learning at home.

Assessment Method

Formative appraisal method is used to observe and assess the development of learning, body and mind of the young children continuously, personal growth portfolio is built up for each child with systematic recording of daily activity performance and collection of assignment. Periodical report is given to parents.