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1. 幼兒的出世紙副本。

2. 幼兒的針咭副本(封面及內頁)。

3. 寫上住址及貼上$2郵票的回郵信封4個(4 X 9吋)。

4. 繳交報名費$40。(取錄與否,恕不退還)


1. 不設限額收取入學申請表。

2. 申請入讀2020-2021學年K1班,面試日期為2019年11月2日,家長請於2019年10月21日前遞交申請表,否則需因應本校學位之情



1. 面見形式是與師生及家長互動,透過桌面遊戲、談話等來評估幼兒能力。

2. 須1位家長陪同幼兒參與面見。

3. 面見申請人的評核者為2人。


1. 以幼兒面見當天的表現為準,例如:禮貌、守規及情緒表現、對事物的好奇心、活動的投入度及參與度等。

2. 申請入讀之幼兒,如屬以下情況,將獲優先考慮:

- 申請人的兄弟姐妹現正在本校就讀

- 申請人有家庭需要(如雙職父母;有三名兄弟姊妺在六歲或以下;畢業生弟妹等…) (由於學位有限,並非所有符合優先考慮的申請人均會獲取錄。)


1.正選生:家長須於(統一註冊日期2020年1月9日-11日) 到本校辦理註冊手續,並須提交「註冊 證」/「入學許可書」及繳交註冊費。

2.備取生:本校會發出通知,請家長於指定日期到本校辦理註冊手續,並須提交「註冊證」/「入 學許可書」及繳交註冊費。

3.註冊費: $1500

1. 如家長未能於「統一註冊日期」內向本校提交「2020/21註冊證」,本校或未能為其子女進行註冊。因此,家長須在指定日期內向教育局遞交申請。

2. 如申請人於「統一註冊日期」後獲取錄,仍須以「2020/21註冊證」註冊。 如申請人在一所幼稚園註冊後想轉校,須到原先註冊的幼稚園取回「2020/21註冊證」。申請人如由其原先註冊的幼稚園取回「2020/21註冊證」,即代表該幼稚園不會再為該學童保留學位,其原先註冊的幼稚園不會退還「註冊費」。


(六參考網頁--教育局2020/21 學年幼稚園幼兒班(K1)收生安排:



 First Assembly of God Church Tin Chak Nursery
 Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1)Class in the 2020/21 School Year


(A) Collection of application Forms (No quota):
1. Obtain from school in person
2. Download from school website (

(B) Application Procedures:

Please complete the "Application Form" and returned to the school with the following documents, and we will meet with children and their parents.

1. Photocopy of the child's birth registration record
2. Photocopy of the child's immunization record
3. 4 of self-addressed stamped envelopes(4x9inches)and affix $2 stamp
4. $40 application fee payable upon appointment .The application fee is non-returnable whether application is successful or not

1. No set quota for the application 2. Apply for admission to the academic year 2019-2020 K1 Class interview will be conducted on 2 November 2019, parents please submit the application form before 21 October 2019; otherwise the interview should be re-arranged subject to the class vacancy. Notification will be sent by post within 1 month .

(C) Format and Arrangement of Interview:
1. Interaction with student, teacher and parents through table games, conversation and etc. The purpose is to assess young children ability.
2. Only 1 parent should accompany young children to participate the interview.
3. The applicant would be interviewed by 2 adjudicators.

(D) Admission Criteria:
1. Children would be assessed based on performance in that day, such as courtesy, regulatory
compliance and emotional performance, curiosity, the involvement of activity and participation and so on.
2. For the admission application, priority will be given to the following situations:
- The applicant with sibling(s) currently studying in our nursery
- The applicant from families in need (working parents, three brothers and/or sisters of the age of six or under six, graduated siblings )
(As the number of school places is limited, please understand that not all applicants fulfilling the priority consideration will be guaranteed a school place.)

(E) Registration Arrangements
1. Successful applicants: Parents should complete the registration procedures for their child from “Centralised Registration Dates: 9-11 January 2020” by submitting the “RC” / “AP” to the kindergarten and paying the registration fee.
2. Applicants on the waiting list: Parents should complete the registration procedures for their child according to the specified date set by the school. Parents are required to submit the “RC” / “AP” to the kindergarten and pay the registration fee.
3. The registration fee for 2020/21 whole day class is $1500.

(F) Remarks:
1 .If parents cannot present the “2020/21 RC” to the KG their child has been admitted to during the “centralised    registration dates”, the KG concerned may not be able to complete registration for their child. Hence, parents are required to submit application to EDB within the designated period.

2. If an applicant is admitted after the “centralised registration dates”, he/she is still required to submit the “2020/21  RC” for registration. If an applicant wishes to change school after registering with a KG, he/she is required to get back the “2020/21  RC” from the KG with which he/she has registered. Upon getting back the “2020/21  RC” from a KG, the KG concerned will no longer reserve the place for the applicant. Normally, the registration fee paid to the KG with which the applicant has registered will not be refunded.

3. Withdrawal Procedures -Parents must notify the school in written a month ago, in case the notice period less than a month, parents need to pay that month tuition fee.

(G) EDB Website for  "Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens for the 2020/21 School Year"

 (If  you need English version of the information ,please call 2486 3456  to contact Ms Wong of our school) 







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